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Saturday, January 5, 2013

WTFAH (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Alpha Hotel)

My apology to all this is a long rant.
The good news is that the Senate Armed Services Committee of the 112th Congress failed to act on the appointment of Captain Timothy W. Dorsey USNR.  Therefore Captain Dorsey will not be advance to the rank of Rear Admiral (Lower Grade) for the time being.
Captain Dorsey nomination for advancement will have to be reposted for consideration.  The Department of the Navy via the Secretary of the Navy will have to forward his nomination to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, for the Secretary of the Defense to forward to the Office of the President, for the President to forward to the Senate Armed Services Committee of the 113th Congress for their consent.
Some have said that the Senate Armed Services Committee of the 112th Congress balked at his nomination, I think otherwise since they were strangely silent on the subject.  I suspect that the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee just decided to let his paper work set in the corner until it would just evaporate at the end of the term of the 112th Congress, it is easier to explain that time ran out, or that there were more pressing issues versus the committee stating that this individual is not acceptable.
Captain Dorsey was dragging some pretty ugly chains.  These chains (the actions of Captain Dorsey when he was a Lt. Jg.) were made known by parties outside the Department of the Navy (who had material evidence), to members of the Senate in early 2012.  This event does call into question the process, and procedures that the Admiral selection board uses for selecting candidates, at least there is some public review of the proposed promotion.  This public review (Congressional) for Field Grade/Mid Grade Officers is missing; otherwise I suspect that Lt. Jg. Timothy W. Dorsey would have had his career in the United State Navy end earlier.
It must be noted that inclusion of Captain Timothy W. Dorsey name on the  Reserve Restricted Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Line Selection for FY-13 did not originate in the Office of the President of the United States.  The inclusion did not originate in the Office of the Secretary of Defense,  The inclusion did not originate in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy.  The list was created by a process within the Navy Personnel Center.

The list is the results of the Rear Admiral (Lower Half) selection board they actual create the list.  The list is approved by senor member of that board and forwarded to NPC, where the commander NPC where in theory it is reviewed and approved.  The list is sent to the Chief of Naval Operations where again according to theory it is reviewed and approved.  The list is then passed to the Secretary of the Navy.  Not really sure how much review if any is performed at this level.   The list finally is forwarded to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  Not sure how much review is done at this level, I suspect that it is felt that everything should be acceptable by the time it reaches this office.   For that matter I suspect that is also true for the Secretary of the Navy office.  The Office of the President gets it next, and finally it goes to the Senate.
Captain Dorsey continued career in the U.S. Navy more importantly calls into question the judgment and veracity of the members of the various promotion selection boards that have decided his fate over these past 20 plus years.  Just to be clear this is just not a Department of the Navy issue, it is an issue with Department of the Army and Department of the Air Force; they all use pretty much the same book.
The following is a link to the ALNAV 11/12
This is the official BUPERS-NPC document which announcement for Reserve Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Line Selection for FY-13.  This is the document where Captain Timothy W. Dorsey USNR name is forwarded to the Senate for confirmation.  One should pay particular attention to Remark number 2.  Remark number 2 states
It is just a fancy way of saying just because your name is on the list it does not mean that you are home free.  The requirement for civilian control of the United States military must be performed, and if and only if you have passed that hurtle will the Secretary of Defense consider to you for Frocking.
If the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of Defense, and President of the United States are even half way awake, he will just bow to Senate and let this nomination disappear into a rarely cited footnote of history.  Captain Timothy W. Dorsey should be allowed to slip out of the United States Naval Reserves just as quietly as he slipped in.
If you want to know what is fundamentally wrong with the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy here is your poster boy Captain Timothy W. Dorsey USNR call sign “SMOKE”?
Some of it is reported in the Stars and Stripes

The Department of Navy forward this individual name to the Secretary of Defense for nomination for promotion to Admiral and the Secretary of Defense office forward his nomination for promotion to Admiral to the Office of the President of the United States, and finally to the Senate Armed Services Committee, that the Department of Navy did not inform the Secretary of Defense or his office that this individual had been involved in a incident in 1987 until after his name had been forwarded to the Senate via the Office of the President.
In 22 September 1987 while assigned to USS Saratoga (CV-60), Carrier Air Wing 17, Squadron VF-74, while in command of a F-14-70-GR (BuNo 162707) this individual in a willful and flagrant disregard for orders and procedures did intentionally fire an AIM-9 (Sidewinder) at and hit and destroy another aircraft (Vodka 51 USAF RF-4C-22 69-0381) in in a training exercise. 

The crew (Capt. Michael Ross (A/C), and 1st Lt. Randy Sprouse (WSO) of the Zweibrucken AB based (26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, 38th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron) based RF-4C were able to eject from the wreckage of their aircraft.  Helicopter assets (HS-3) (SH-3H) off the USS Saratoga rescued the USAF crew and recovered them back aboard USS Saratoga (CV-60).

At the time the following individuals were in the Lt. Jg. Timothy W. Dorsey local direct chain of command.
James B. Busey IV, Admiral, Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR/CINCSOUTH) (Retired Admiral 1989)
Kendall E. Moranville, Vice Admiral, Commander 6th Fleet (Retired 1988 Rear Admiral Upper Half)
Jeremy M. Boorda, Rear Admiral, Carrier Battle Group 8 Commander
David E. Frosts, Captain USN (USNA 1963), Captain USS Saratoga CV-60.
Austin E. Chapman, Captain USN (USNA 1963), Commander Carrier Air Wing -17 (Retired Captain, 1993)
Michael F. Rioux, CDR, Commander Squadron VF-74. (Retired Captain, 1990)
An investigation was held, and report was publish (Not for release outside of the Department of Defense, sometime we just cannot stand the truth (wait that was another movie)) and recommendations were forwarded to the convening authority, the investigative report contained several items of interest, a few of which might have mitigated Lt. Jg. Timothy W. Dorsey culpability in this incident, but most beyond a shadow of a doubt reinforced his culpability and duplicity in this incident.
Lt. Jg. Dorsey initial mission on that day was Fleet Defense, which is why his aircraft was load with live ordinance.  Documented Rules of Engagement for the exercise clearly required that participating aircraft were not allowed to carry live ordinance.
Lt. Jg. Dorsey was re tasked to the training exercise while performing a normal Fleet Defense mission, thus bring an armed aircraft into the exercise.  Why the individual who authorized this action was not disciplined in unknown to this author.
Lt. Jg. Dorsey it is reported had only 245 hrs. Flight hours. Unknown number of hours in the F-14’s at the time of the incident. (He was a “Nugget”).
Lt. Jg. Dorsey upon locating the USAF aircraft asked for and received permission to engage the target.
Lt. Jg. Dorsey then proceeded to engage the target, where upon he brought up and armed the AIM-9 missile on the left side of the aircraft, after confirming that the missile is “GOOD”, and that the target has been acquired by the missile via tone lock, he then attempted to launch the AIM-9.  The AIM-9 failed to launch (Motor Failure).  After this event Lt. Jg. Dorsey sounds somewhat to be slightly confused when the missile fails to launch.
Lt. Jg. Dorsey continued with the engagement, he then selected the AIM-9 mounted on the right side of the aircraft.  He brings up the missile verifies that it is “GOOD” and then arms the AIM-9.  After confirming target acquisition via tone lock, he then launched the AIM-9.  At the time of the launch Lt. Jg. Dorsey is between 5000 and 2500 feet from the target aircraft (The F-14 is above, behind and slightly offset of the rear of the RF-4C).
All during this process the Radar Intercept Officer profanity filled screams asking Lt. Jg. Dorsey just what is he doing is being recorded via the HUD recorder.
All of this is not a matter of conjecture or debate, since the F-14’s HUD video recorder has captured all of the events. 

The RF-4C is visible in the HUD, and located within the Kill Box.  Lt. Jg. Dorsey is so close to the RF-4C that at 2500 feet the fire control system issue a break away warning.  The tail code for Zweibrucken AB (ZB) is clearly visible in the video for most of the engagement.
The missile was observed to impact slight forward of the tail of the RF-4C, which results in a large fireball, which destroys the rear of the aircraft, which results in a loss of controlled flight for the aircraft, the RF-4C proceeds to enter a flat spin as it starts to breakup.
Lt. Jg. Dorsey had to perform a break maneuver to keep out of the impact zone of the missile.  Both crewmembers ejects from the aircraft at approx. 5500 feet, at 550 Knots, in a -2.5 G environment. 

Both occupants are rendered unconscious by the ejection.  Captain Ross is partially out of the ejection seat due to the g load he is experiencing since he is further forward in the airframe.  Captain Ross is pinned to canopy and the cockpit side rail; it is a miracle that he survived the ejection.  The seat eqress command selector switch had been set to both, which mean that if either of the crew had pulled the egress handles both individual would be ejected. 

The ejection sequence would be for the WSO seat to activate first, and A/C pilot’s seat to sequence second.  This keeps the back seat guy from being killed (cooked and burned) by the front seat rocket motor exhaust.
Both crewmembers regain consciousness prior to entry into the water.  Both crewmembers then successfully deploy their water survival equipment.  They will spend 45 minutes in the water before being recovered by a SH-3H from HS-3.
Captain Michael Ross, at the time was found to have suffered a broken wrist, and two separated shoulders, and a compression fracture of his spine.  Lt. Col Michael Ross would later have to be medically retired six months prior to full retirement date. Lt. Col Ross now has a degenerative spinal condition.  It is also unfortunate that Captain Ross call sign was changed to “Squid Bait”.  At the very least the Department of the Air Force and the Department of Defense should review Lt. Col Michael Ross retirement situation, it has a funny odor, it might have be according to the regulations, but it does not appear to be just much less fair, and in certainly not accordance with all the crap that I see on AFN about how we take care of our own.
The ejection injuries and any long-term resulting conditions associated with the ejection by 1st Lt. Randy Sprouse are unknown to this individual.
As soon as the USAF RF-4C is hit the Lt. Jg. Dorsey's RIO transmits the following on the exercise and guard frequencies.
It was not Lt. Jg. Dorsey who called in the shoot down.
In his questioning by the accident (sic?) investigation board Lt. Jg. Dorsey was asked if he had intended to shoot a live missile.  Lt. Jg. Dorsey responded in the affirmative.
Most damming is the following statement from the accident investigation report.
“The September 22, 1987, destruction of USAF RF-4C was not the result of an accident, but the consequence of a deliberate act. His subsequent reaction [to the radio command] demonstrated an absolute disregard of the known facts and circumstances."

“He failed to utilize the decision-making process taught in replacement training and reacted in a purely mechanical manner. The performance of Lieutenant Timothy W. Dorsey on September 22, 1987, raises substantial doubt as to his capacity for good, sound judgment.”

Lt. Jg. Dorsey was not court-martialed.
Lt. Jg. Dorsey was permanently removed from Flight Status (Thank God for little favors)

Lt. Jg. Dorsey was placed into a non-flight assignment. (Shore Duty, keeping some other officer deployed at sea).
Lt. Jg. Dorsey is allowed to serve on active duty for another 4 years. (God only knows why, and she is to talking).

Vice Admiral Kendell E. Moranville as Commander 6th Fleet could have had charges preferred against Lt. Jg. Dorsey, but the Admiral was having some ethics issues of his own at the time.  He was under investigation for improprieties involving travel claims and use of government aircraft while he exercised command of the United States 6th Fleet, and as I will explain latter that maybe where Lt. Jg. Dorsey father may come to play in the story.
There were reports that some of the incidents involved allowing a female friend (Employed by the United Services Organization in Naples) to fly illegally on military aircraft, although the Department of Defense will neither confirmed or denied these statements.  What is known is that Vice Admiral Moranville received a Flag Letter of reprimand and was allowed to retire.  The Chief of Naval Operations (Admiral Carlisle A. Trost (USNA 1953) recommended to the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of the Navy concurred, that Vice Admiral Moranville would be retired at the rank of Rear Admiral (Upper Half) since the improprieties for which he had received a Letter of Reprimand had occurred while he held the rank of Vice Admiral.
Speculation on my part is that Vice Admiral Moranville knew that the train for him was coming down the track and that maybe by showing clemency for Lt. Jg. Dorsey, it might gain him favor with Lt. Jg. Dorsey father, Rear Admiral (Upper Half) James E. Dorsey Jr., who at the time of the incident on active duty in the United States Navy and leaving his position as Director of Operations (J3) Headquarter U.S. European Command to assume his new assignment as the assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Plans, Policy and Operations (N3/N5).

In 1989 James E. Dorsey would be advance to the rank of Vice Admiral and assume the command of the US 3rd Fleet.  James E. Dorsey Jr. at one time had commanded CV-66 America.
There is no indication that his Admiral Dorsey took any overt acts to mitigate his son’s situation, that being said it is highly likely that officer in the chain of command between Lt. Jg. Timothy W. Dorsey and Rear Admiral James E. Dorsey Jr. may have acted in a manner to curry favor. Vice Admiral James E. Dorsey Jr. retired from active duty in July 1991.
Lt. Jg. Timothy W. Dorsey graduated form the Tulane University N.R.O.T.C program and he entered the United States Navy in 1984, he subsequently left active duty in September 1991.
Lt. Jg. Dorsey then obtained slot in the Navy Reserves in 1991.  Is it a coincident that Lt. Jg. Dorsey decides to leave the United States Navy the year his father is scheduled to retire? 

How given his history he was selected this slot another question that should be asked? 

How given his history he is allowed to cross train into this new slot is also another question that should be asked?

His performance in acquiring this new designator is immaterial.  He has a history of performing well in training.  His performance in critical situations is a more pressing question.  How many officers who already held Intelligence designator while on active duty were passed over for this reserve slot?
Timothy Dorsey attended and graduated from University of Richmond School of Law in 1995.
There are reports that one of Timothy Dorsey mentor while at Law school Professor John Paul Jones is also a Naval Aviator,  this is close but it is no cigar.  Mr. Jones was not an aviator, but was a Naval Flight Officer (NFO) also known as the RIO, or GIB.  Mr. Jones also was a graduate of Naval Justice School (1970), U.S Navy Tactical Action Officers School (1976), and U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School.  Mr. Jones had served under Vice Admiral James E. Dorsey Jr.
There are just too many coincidences in this story.  In the words of Justice Brandeis “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”.  This is just not a Navy issue, it is present in all of the services to some extent, and it needs to be corrected.  We the people of the United States need sunlight applied to the various processes currently being exercised by the Department of Defense; to some extent they have become closeted and isolated.
We the people of the United States have been very lucky since World War II.  We the United States have not been forced to fight in active and protracted conflict where the very existence of country is in question.  The Cold War with the Soviet Union was a protracted conflict but the Soviets and we did not suffer casualties like we both experienced in WWI and WWII.  Yes casualties were suffered, but they paled in comparison. 
Our Officer Corps, and especially our General/Flag Officer Corp could and did allow the standards to slip.  Can we afford that now?
I am sure that Timothy W. Dorsey is a credit to his chosen profession of the Law.   As a lawyer, I suspect that he embodies everything that we have come to know about this profession.  I suspect that he is a very smart and clever individual.  I do not doubt that his wife and children love him.  I do not doubt that a great many people that he has causal contact with come away with a favorable opinion.  I do not doubt that his business associates admire him.
But this officer’s career just does not pass the smell test.  I would have grave personal doubt about following this individual into any situation, and entrusting the life and welfare of my children to him in a command position is completely out of the realm of probabilities.
People make mistakes, but there is a big difference in making a mistake by accident, and an individual who according to the accident investigation report, “demonstrated an absolute disregard of the known facts and circumstances” and who’s action “raised substantial doubt as to his capacity for good, sound judgment”. 

One is forgivable; the other is a clear indication that the individual needs to find another line of work in a completely different organization.
Well that is the rant, and I do feel better.  America can sleep better tonight in the knowledge that the system appears to have eventually partially worked, even if it took some 25+ years.

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