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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Unwind Royal Bank of Scotland part 2 (Or the hits just keep on coming)?

First there was everything stated in the first post now there is the report that RBS will need to come up with another 1 Billion Pounds to pay for their improper derivatives sales to various and numerous small businesses.
So on top of the 500 million pound fine associated with Libor, and 250 million pound of bonus, now we have the 1000 million pound to cover the cost of this transgression.
Does it take a bus or lorry to fall on the government to act?  If this is not enough would the right honorable gentlemen please enlighten us what it will take.
The money pit just double in size, and the question is what else is out there.
In the mean time just to give the rest of a fighting chance pleas change the name to Criminal Royal Bank of Scotland (CRBS).

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