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Monday, January 21, 2013

Phil Mickelson plans “drastic changes” over taxes

The last time I checked becoming a profession golfer was a personal choice, provided one had the talent and you could play well enough to earn a PGA Tour card, by one of three methods.  Which Phillip did back in 1992.  Atta-boy Phillip.
But at the end of the day no one forced Phillip Alfred Mickelson to become a Professional Golfer.  No forced Phillip Alfred Mickelson to continue to be a Professional Golfer.  No one forced Phillip Alfred Mickelson to make San Diego California his home (he could have stated in Arizona).  Nor did any one force Phillip Alfred Mickelson to continue to call San Diego California his home, or for that matter to call any city in California to be called his home.  No one has forced Phillip Alfred Mickelson to continue to be an American Citizen.
Phillip Alfred Mickelson had no choice in the beginning of being an American Citizen, which was just an accident of where he was born (San Diego, California).  But after is 18th birthday Phillip Alfred Mickelson did have the choice to determine what country he wanted to be a citizen of, and as of this writing 21 Jan 2013, Phillip Alfred Mickelson is still a citizen of the United States of America, just how lucky can America be?
Phillip Alfred Mickelson life to this point has been hard, difficult, exhausting, excruciating, and an exercise in sheer mental terror earning as of the 2012 season $67,644,698.00 Dollars.  This ranks him as number 2 among professional golfers for earnings.  Phillip could you have made this kind of money lets say in the Afghanistan Professional Golf Association?
Phillip Alfred Mickelson made all of those choices by his own free will.
Now Phillip Alfred Mickelson quoted as because of the high taxes he is going to make some “drastic” changes.  Now Phillip could also be that at 42 year of age you are on the backside of your golfing career?  Since January 2010, you have only had three tournament victories.
Phillip Alfred Mickelson if is all too much for you then by all means quit, quit the PGA, quit San Diego, quit California, quit the United States of America, by all means just quit.  But most importantly quit whining.
To paraphrase Nike, “Just Quit”

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