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Friday, January 4, 2013

Things must really suck in Argentina

It must be really bad in Argentina, why else would Su Excelencia Señora Presidente de la Nación Argentina aka Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner have a letter published stating that Britain should give back the Falkland/Malvinas Islands, especially given that there might be untapped oil and gas reserves in the island economic zone of control and she needs that revenue stream.
The Dutch first observed it and named them (Sebald Islands), the English come along and rename them, the French start the first settlement.  The English claim the islands acting surprised that that French claim the island. (These two groups have never really played nice).  Spain acquires the French Colony (England and Spain have never really played nice).  We to tell the truth none of them have ever really played nice with each other and that continues to this very day.  The Spanish and English have an incident that ends with everyone going back to their respective corners.  Somewhere along the way an American sailing under letter of marque from a precursor of Argentina, lays claim after both the English and then the Spanish leave the island, (they both left notes saying that even though they were not there in the flesh the islands still belong to their respective governments).  Somewhere along the way the American Privateer, sailing under a letter of Marque from a precursor of Argentina lays claim to island for the precursor of Argentina, and in the process manages to piss the United States off, and the US Navy shows ups and does what any and every military forces does (lays waste to the offenders and then leaves (Not in the Nation building mode yet are we).  Captain Silas Duncan Captain of the USS Lexington declares the islands “Free from all Governments”, this is after elements under his command have ransacked the island and arrested seven senior member of the community for piracy. (They are latter release without charge).  And its history just keeps on getting more convoluted as time goes on.
Off of her reelection in October 2011, a year of losses in fights with the Argentina Judicial and Legislative branches and the IMF, the New York Bond Market, a business climate that is taking a turn for the worse as if could not get any worse, a reported inflation rate that no one believes, her popularity starting to fall, some of her most trusted advisory having to leave their positions due to corruption, why not try to direct the peoples attention away from internal concerns to external concerns, after all it worked out so well for Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri Castelli.

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