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Friday, January 25, 2013

580 Million Dollar oh crap moment at Caterpillar

580 Million Dollars, that was the total right down this last reporting quarter that Caterpillar Corp, of Peoria Ill announced.
This was after they had already purchased for 690 Million Dollars (475 Million of Cash) ERA Mining Machinery Ltd of Hong Kong, and more particularly their Zhengzhou Siwei Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Co subsidiary in China.  This was after allegedly performing their pre acquisition due diligence.
By my count there are at least 31 individual who to some extent on the Caterpillar Corp. side could have failed.  Since we really do not know which individual are to blame.  We must blame them all, and we should blame them equally.  Except for the Chairman and CEO, everyone of these individual owes the corporation $18,125,000.00 Dollars.  The Chairman and CEO is special he hold two title and therefore he should pay the corporation $36,250,000.00 Dollars (Twice what everyone else), it only fair, he fail twice, once as the CEO and once as the Chairman, rank has it privileges.
As a shareholder I for one am willing to vote for the corporation to accept from each and everyone either a certified check the amount or their resignations as settlement of the debt that they owe the corporations.  I will not name names you can go to the Caterpillar Corp web site for the Officers and and Board Members see for your self, but I will name positions.
Chairman and CEO, CFO, Group President Caterpillar, Group President Construction, Group President Resource, VP Earth Moving, VP Excavation, VP Manufacturing, VP China Operations, VP Mining Sales, VP Procurement, VP Asia Pacific, Chief Accounting Officer, Corporate Controller, Treasurer, Chief Audit Officer, Corporate Secretary, Board Member 1, Board Member 2, Board Member 3, Board Member 4, Board Member 5, Board Member 6, Board Member 7, Board Member 8, Board Member 9, Board Member 10, Board Member 11, Board Member 12, Board Member 13, Board Member 14, Board Member 15 (In order as shown on the corporate web site).
I know that when you have annual net revenue of approximately 5.0 Billion Dollars of net income a screw up of .5 Billion Dollars appears to be rather small, its only 10 percent of annual net revenue.  Some how after Caterpillar had purchased the puppy they were able in a rather short amount of time to figure out that not only did it have heart worms, but it had pin worms, or just about everything else short of schistosomiasis, but not for the lack of trying.
So when does the other shoe drop and the shareholders here from the board that not only did they agree to the purchase of sick puppy, but that the puppy was so sick that it did not survive.  Right now 84 percent of the purchase price has been written off, when do we hear about the other 16 percent.
A few more of these maneuvers and a company that prides it self on building equipment for moving dirt can it self be turned into dirt.
This certainly calls into question the competency of the Senior Management, and the Board of Directors.

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