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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why is this man still in the United States Air Force

Why is Major Gen. James T. Rubeor, still the commander of the 22nd Air Force after the Air Force Inspector General Report on one of his personnel actions.
Read for you self at:

Had this individual been a Company Grade Officer, the powers that be would not have been treated so gently.

Had this individual been a Field Grade Officer, the powers that be would not have have been treated so gently.

Words that come to mind are "Conduct unbecoming", and a visit JAG for a possible Article 39, to investigate whether  Article 133, and possibly Article 134-19 of the UCMJ had been violated. 

But this Air Force Flag Grade Officer, and Two Star to boot, is protected by the SKAB (Sky King Academy Brotherhood), would you expect anything less of the thin blue line.  And the SKAB decided that Letter of Reprimand (LOR) was enough.

A LOR is a career ending maneuver for any officers.  Not quite as much fun as BCD.  As they say in aerial combat a nick is as good as a kill.  But it does matter how long it takes to kill, because in this case time is money, our money.

Gen Rubeor time in service will continue to rack up those valuable Sky Points Retirement Miles.   In this time of tight Federal Budgets, do we really need this.   It is OUR tax dollars at work.

The General can still create havoc, and if the next investigation of an incident takes as long as this past investigation, the general could well be on his way to extra bonus points.  (35 Years and retired from the USAF).

The SKAB is hoping that the upcoming USAF Force Shaping will do the trick.  After all it appears that there are 4,373 redundant officers in the service , an maybe just maybe he might be one of them.

So what is the cost delay, just a back of the envelope estimate for us morons;

If the General is forced to retire now he will gross somewhere around $10,751 per month or 129K$ per year.   This just brings a tear to my eye.

If the General can stretch it out another year before he retires he gets $11,556 per month or 138K$ per year.  Now I am really sobbing.

If he is really lucky and can stretch it out for two year he get $12,313 per month or 147K$ per year.  Now I am a candidate for Thorazine with a Hadol chaser.

And it only gets better, for he is in luck, he gets COLA on top of his retirement.  You know COLA, the gift that keeps on giving.

You all know who the individuals are that can end this tale of wonder, and you should write them.

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  1. He had me harassed by the TSA for approximately a year. I was pulled out of line about 30 times for extra attention, taken into separate rooms and strip searched, etc. Is ruthless and corrupt