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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What is wrong with this person.

The results of the Department of Defense Inspector General investigation are in and it does not look good for the past Director of the Department of Defense Education Activity, who is currently in a holding pattern at some other not so public position in the DOD.

See the following link

I am sure that Ethic, Official Travel Card, and Government Procument Card, training is part of the normal in processing, and it is part of the Annual refresher training.  Well I know it is required for the Government Service (GS) grunts.  I do not know that it is required for the Senior Executive Service (SES) personnel?  God knows that GS folks have to go to an annual refresher. I do not know about  SES?

But if all of this was presented at the in process briefing or at the annual refresher training she must have slept through it, or had a really long restroom break.  "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink".  Or for you more educationally inclined, "You can put a student into a classroom, but you cannot make them learn".

Ignorance is no excuse, nor is it a defense, especially for an individual in a leadership position.  For some it might be a mitigating factor in sentencing.

Now is time for due process to be applied, and it is time for Dr. Shirley Miles to depart from US Government Employment as soon as practical.  If it was a grunt, you can bet tomorrows sunrise that they would be gone.

Maybe she can find here way back into working for some unsuspecting local school district in Colorado. Typically these school districts do not have Inspector General so that will be a big increase in the relief factor.   The local District Attorney are typically more interested in violent crime, and that will add to the relief factor.  God only knows what the State School Board is really interested in?

Then again maybe Public School Administration is not in her future?

Again as before it is time to contact the appropriate individual, and just ask WTFIGO?

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