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Friday, June 24, 2011

Is Nothing Sacred? Now they (and you know who they are) are messing with our Pot

Now there are reports that Genetic Modified Marijuana is being produced in Colombia, where are Food & Water Watch, The Center for Food Safety, Friends of the Earth, Consumers International, and the ever popular CEO of Ben & Jerry's.  See this link
Why are these groups not out in the streets protesting this abuse of science?  Maybe these organizations do not have committees, or groups that specialize in the dangers of Genetic Modified drugs (legal or illegal)?
We know where the Federal, State, and local law enforcement officials are on this issue. The top six answers are ( at the Donut Shop, at the Taco Joint, at the Road House, at the Mall, at the local speed trap, or just clueless)
To all those roach heads, and you know who you are.  A few thoughts as you down that bowl of Ben and Jerry’s in the wee hours of the morning.  Can you trust that doobie?  How did that doobie get so strong, just plan good old fashion horticulture with selective breeding, or did it come from a test tube?
How can you tell if that medicinal herb is real or that its effects been enhanced by gene modification?  I know your dealer told you it was not GM ganja, it is the real shit.  And we all know that we can trust a dope dealer.

Other than a really radical case of the munchies are there any really dangerous long-term effects from chronic use of GM cannabis versus chronic use of non-GM cannabis?  More research is need, and whether you like it or not you are the lab rats.  It is just going to be a really crappy experiment since the protocol is rather ad hoc, and the controls are really unknown.
Finally for those who are environmentally conscience users, is GM ganja considered to be organic?
Ok it was kind of slow today, it is summer time. 
Cherry Garcia is my first choice, if I am given one.
Long live deadheads, and please watch out for those sharks that feed right after dark.

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