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Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Have Declared Victory

Beside Osama Bin Laden not wanting to be Killed or Captured, there was one other individual who did not want Osama Bin Laden to meet that fate.  That person was none other than the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, His Excellence Hamid Karzai.  For with the death of Osama Bin Laden, the United States people have no reason to be in Afghanistan, the mission is done.  The United States Government on the other hand might have a different view.  It will take the United States Government a few months to wake up and figure out that while they were walking down the street in front of the parade, the parade made a turn off the street, on or about 3 May 2011.
The majority of the people in the United States do not care one iota about rebuilding the nation of Afghanistan.  For that matter many of the citizens of the NATO states who have troops in Afghanistan do not care one iota about rebuilding the nation of Afghanistan.
What these people do care about is the cost of the war in terms of their dead and wounded, and the financial cost to prop up a corrupt government, that currently is tied for second place with Myanmar as being one of the most corrupt. The number one honor goes to Somalia  (2010 Transparency International).  Boy, we sure no how to pick them, I am just surprised that we do not have troops in Myanmar.
With the Presidential announcement about the draw down of the United States Armed Forces in Afghanistan (and the various NATO member announcements), the impending and accelerated departure of Gen David H. Petraeus so that he can step right into his new position as Director Central Intelligence Agency (The Senate will confirm, he is a war hero), and the recent sharp statements from the current United States Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the writing is on the wall, the gravy train is leaving the station.
It is time to start getting ready to make a run for the border, because when the last American boot leaves the ground in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, all hell is going to break lose.
The big question for His Excellency is can I get out of this pit without getting member of my family or my self killed, and what nation will provide me with asylum?

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