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Monday, January 23, 2017

What I will not be doing 5 Feb 2017

What I will not be doing 5 February 2017 is watching the coverage of Super Bowl 51.  Or Suffer Bowl 51 as my wife calls it.
For that matter I will not be partaking of the hours on endless pre game hype that will take place between now and then.  Nor will I be partaking of the hours of endless post game hype that will take place after the game.
It is just not that interesting and I am just not that interested.
Every year Professional Football to me appears to more and more like paint drying, the constant hype pre game, the constant hype during the game, and the constant hype post game.  The coverage appears to be program to keep retired players on some type of post career partial employment program.
The down side is that it appears to me that it is taking longer and longer to watch the paint dry.  WE all know that the paint will dry it is just how long will it take to accomplish this fact.

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