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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 3 in the “Make America Great Again Campaign

Visible skirmishes continue between various low-level administration (appointed but not required to be confirmed) (hence easy to flush out through the scuppers if required) operatives and numerous NGO.  The campaign at this point can be best characterized as extremely asymmetric and in the initial contact phase with a very ill defined FEBA (Forward Edge Battle Area).
It is expected that this campaign will remain for the most part asymmetric in nature, with public displays of satire and ridicule being the main thrust of the opposition.  It is expected that the current administration via their current modus operandi will provide more than enough ammunition that will allow the opposition to effectively operate.  The opposition will not have to invent and or cite “Alternate Facts” to make their cases, the actual facts will be damming enough.
So my question to POTUS is this “Is America Great Again?” at this point in time.  If it is not when does POTUS expect that “America will be Great Again”?  How will we know if and when “America is Great Again”?  Because when it is I know that it will be “Huge”.

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