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Friday, January 27, 2017

I casted an “illegal ballot”

Yes, my dear Orange worship, I cast one of the tens of million “illegal ballots”.  It was Illegal only in the sense that I did not cast a vote for you and your running mate.
Now that I have purged my soul and have come clean about this High Crime and Misdemeanor that I committed against the you (my dear orange worship) and the state.  I can now sleep better at night.
I will wait patiently for your lord high sheriff and their appointed constables to come and roust me out of my house in the dead of night, to be incarcerated in a Re-education camp of their choice and for period of their choice.  After all most if not all of us (those who did not vote for you and therefore cast illegal ballots) are Dachau bound.  We will sing that old favorite travelling song “My Heart is full of Joy” as we are transported there.
I am willing, able and ready to voluntarily add my name to your growing list of Muslims, after all “I am Spartacus”.
On a completely different tack why did you not have “Zadok the Priest” performed at your coronation inauguration?
I await patiently your obedient servant

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