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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Now Jack it is not the Soviet Union

For if it was the old Soviet Union the door to your apartment would have been kicked in, you would have been pulled out of your warm bed in the middle of the night, by several really nasty individuals, blind folded, dragged down the stair of the building and thrown into the back of a Black Maria.  There would have been a very cold ride to Lubjanskaja Ploschadj, 2, (Lubyanka headquarters of the KGB), where you would be shown the error of your ways, and allowed to change your mind on the subject, and come to your senses.
After you had come to your senses and realized the enormity of your error, and had professed to those present that this type of mistake would never ever happen again, as demonstrated by your own hand written and signed confession, never mind that you really did not write it, but it was your signature on the document, they (you know the really nasty individual who brought you to this place) would help you make sure that it would never happen again, since in the course of your conversion from the wrong path to right path you suffered a 9mm hemorrhage.
That was the old Soviet Union.  You know the place where you had the right to say anything ONCE.

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