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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apple Revealer of State Secrets?

Headline “Apple Map Accidently Reveals Highly Sensitive Taiwanese Radar Installation”
Apple now they are the destroyer/revealer of state secrets, at least that what the article in Network World implies.  Link:
Reveals to Whom is the real question?  The United States, United Kingdom, France, NATO, Russian Federation, Japan, South Korea, the Peoples Republic of China?
Since all of these entities either have their own Reconnaissance Satellites or access to the data from someone who does have a Reconnaissance Satellite, many with resolutions on the order of at least 10 cm or better, they already know about it.  In the case of the United States we really know about the site, since Raytheon sold them the equipment, with DOD and State Department approval.
Who are the Taiwanese really trying to hide this site from?  The PRC?  That will be hard since the PRC for some time has had their own constellation of “Remote Sensing Satellites”.  Since January 2010 the PRC has launch 9 of the “Yaogan” series of “Remote Sensing Satellites” split fairly evenly between unit with Electro-Optical Digital Imaging and Synthetic Aperture Radar vehicles most in nearly circular polar orbit with orbital altitudes of 600 to 1200 KM.
I would not bet against the fact that the PRC already has had organic assets in the facility, and quite possibilities currently still have organic assets in the facility.  I would also wager that the PRC probably has better and more current maps and photo imagery of the site and surrounding area, and the rest of the island of Taiwan then the current government of Taiwan.
For some strange reason the average citizen of the world must have any and all satellite imaging of the site blurred so as to not cause concern to the Taiwanese government that their little egg nest has not only be located, and plotted on maps, but heaven forbid that unknown outside parties might know how many eggs are in the nest.  Because we all know that “We cannot handle the Truth”.

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