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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amazon Stock could go $20 Either Way: Pros

What a prognostication by the CNBC Fast Money Pros.  Here is the link
I can see Statler and Waldorf on the side crying out:  Bravo!  Truly amazing!  Mind Boggling!  Stupendous!  Here are some people who need to heed the immortal words Bullwinkle the Moose, “No doubt about Rocky I got to get a better Hat”.  I need to remind my self of Statler and Waldorf breaking the fourth wall comments when they asked “Why do you watch it?” or when Statler stated that he didn’t care much for puppets much, not finding them believable.  These guys might be in the same class, as puppets.  Do they get paid for this dribble?  This is from the network with a tagline that is “Fast, Accurate, Actionable, Unbiased”.  Well it does appear to be fast.  Accurate?  (If your target is a barn, then you are in luck.)  Actionable? (Your guess is a good as mine.)  It could be unbiased.  Well two out four, if it were the batting average of a major league baseball player it would be fantastic.
With Amazon at $228.49 per share, a $20.00 move either way has the price moving within a 17.5 percent window.  Yep saying that a stock could go up or down is amazing, and that it would remain within +/- 8.75 percent window within a single day, words escape me as to how to describe this prediction.
I know that if the stock market made a 8.75 percent move in either directions within a day and you could bet that either some type of miracle had just occurred, or that at a truly massive high speed trading error (Flash Crash) had just occurred, or some truly massive fraud had just been discovered.  Talk about going out on a limb, these folks brought their “A” game.  Talk about knowing where the market is going.
Their call is about as smart as backing your car down the driveway and turning the car either 30 degrees to right or to the left and continuing to back down the driveway hoping to make the street.

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