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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Durham, Cochran and Snow

Newest federal inductees into the Dewey, Cheathem, and How fraternity, and Club Fed are the team of Durham, Cochran, and Snow.  Our three nefarious inductees all have won all expense paid incarceration in as of yet unnamed federal correctional facilities.
Mr. Durham has been awarded 50 years of incarceration at a federal facility of the government choice for his part in an outstanding effort in the field of wire fraud and securities fraud to the tune of $208,000,000.00 ($208 Million)(Which is a record for the state of Indiana) as CEO of Obsidian Enterprises of Indianapolis, Indiana and former CEO of Fair Finance of Akron Ohio.  The US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana Joe Hogsett note that these criminal charges had nothing to do with his Mr. Durham other job as CEO of National Lampoon.  Other notable accomplishments were Mr. Durham fund raising for the Republican Party (I wonder if the Republican Party and any candidates that he made contributions to will give back the money that he raised for them and or he donated to them?).
Mr. Durham who is 50 years old can be out of stir with good behavior by the time he is 93 and a half, congratulations you have just been handed a death sentence, statistically you have about as much chance of seeing 93.5 years of age as me wining the latest Powerball lottery, (what do you mean someone else won, and they are from Missouri!).  Look at it this way your repayment to society will be at a rate between $11,397 and $13,085 for each day that you serve (Full 50 year or 43.5 year for good behavior).  Technically you are responsible for the whole amount of the fraud, but I am just guessing you already know that.
Mr. Cochran chairman of Fair Finance of Akron Ohio was awarded a total of 25 years of incarceration at a federal facility of the government choice for his supporting role in the field of wire fraud and securities fraud.  Since Mr. Cochran was only awarded half as many years he must have had dirt on one hand (right or left?).  Mr. Cochran who is 57 years old will be 82 years old if he survives incarceration and serves his full sentence, with good time Mr. Cochran could be out when he is nearly 79 years old.  What a way to spend your golden years, well played sir, well played.
Mr. Cochran repayment to society will be at a rate between $22,794 and $26,173 for each day that you serve (Full 25 years or 22 years with good behavior).   Mr. Cochran technically you are responsible for the whole amount of the fraud, you know in for a penny in for a pound.  What a deal Mr. Cochran certainly better than Mr. Durham.
Finally there is Mr. Snow, the ex Chief Financial Officer of Fair Finance.  He was award a total of 10 years of incarceration for his supporting yet uninspiring role in the field of wire fraud and securities fraud, not a really stellar performance sir, next time; if there is next time you should try harder.  10 years in a federal correctional facility to be named by the government is a really sucky consolation prize.  Mr. Snow who is 49 years old will be 59 years old provided he survives his incarceration (it is likely that he should), but with good time he could be out when he is nearly 58, now that’s something to look forward to.  58 years old a convicted federal felon looking for a job (Three strikes against your, convicted felon, age, and an unexplained gap in your work history, not a wining combination), is life great or what.  He might actually spend some of his golden years outside of the wire, missing that 0300 hrs. Bed check.  Do not blame the Bed check on the institution blame it on others who came before you and took this particular time in the morning to either escape or try to escape.
Mr. Snow repayment to society will be at a rate between $56,986 and $65,429 for each day that you serve (Full 10 years or 8.7 years with good behavior).  Mr. Snow it appears that you have the best deal.  Were you the weakest link?  Again as in the case of the other two defendants you to are also responsible for the full amount of the fraud.
Gentleman all of you should remember the lines from the song “Ride Captain Ride” by Blues Image, as you are being in processed at the Federal Correctional facility of the government choice.
“On your way to a world that others might have missed. Ride Captain Ride Upon your mystery ship, Be amazed at all of the friends you have here on your trip”
For prison is a world that many others have missed.  Having friends is outside of the walls and keeping them is truly amazing.  In all probability you will join the missing.  As one who has processed incoming inmates to a correctional facilities, it is something that still gives me chills, and I got to go home every evening, it was a hell of a way to put myself through college, and as soon as I could find other employment, I did.
I do not know if any of you gentlemen have wives and or children, but if you do I offer my condolences to them in this their hour of travail.  May the scars of your personal failure inflicted on your families’ members be small and or inconsequential, but somehow I believe that this will not be the case.
Gentleman Bon Chance, it is more than you gave your victims.  It is unfortunate for your families that in the game of life there are no Mulligans.  There is always a chance of a Presidential pardon, granted right now many will classify it as non-existent, or that the Federal Statues on good time are revised and relaxed, but the odds on this appear to be quite long (elected representatives want to appear to be hard on crime and criminals before I suspect that you would not blame them for this position, but right now I suspect your position on the subject might be changing), but stranger things have happen, just not too often (Black Swans anyone?).

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