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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wanker of the Year

Our nomination for Wanker of the Year goes to to Rep John Mica, 7th District Florida.  John has been a professional politician for most of his adult life.  First in the Florida State House (1976-1980) and then in the Congress of the United States(1992-Present).  When John was not in public office he was still living of the taxes we pay as an assistant to Florida US Senator. (1981-1985).  His other hobbies are real estate executive (imagine that a real estate developer in Florida).  A governmental affairs consultant (Lobbyist).  Politics have been very good to John, in 2006 his reported net wealth was in excess of 2 Million Dollars, on God knows what it is today.  From all the information that can be found on the internet, John's other hobby is wrapping the flag around himself.

So here is a picture of what a Wanker looks like.

Why is this Guy smiling?  Maybe it because the voters of the 7th district of Florida keep sending him back to Congress.

Only God know what is going through his mind, and I am not sure that even God really wants to know.   You know they should put photographs of individuals on the ballot.  Because if I saw a picture like this I would vote for the other person.

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