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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Barack, You cannot have it both ways (SPMUYFM).

As President you have signed an executive order freezing pay of Civil Service Employees (OK); you administration has establish a policy where there are a series of sequential rolling 90-day periods of hiring freezes (OK?). You recently signed an executive order directing federal agencies to develop strategic plans to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce (WTFAH).
Let me get this straight in my mind, no pay raises, no new hires, no promotions, and now let's play office and require each organization to develop strategic plans to recruit diverse employee's if we could hire them, and retain diverse employee's if we could pay them.  I must be as dense as a stone.  Are you sure that your chief policy adviser on this subject is not a short little guy who is red, looks like a cat who wears glasses and answers to the name Catbert?
I cannot imagine how tough your job is but if you are not up to task, just raise your hand, turn in your wings, and walk away.  From my vantage it appears that you are really in deep Kim chi, and you forgot to breath through your mouth.
If you are going to stay please make up your mine, pick a path and follow it, this jumping back and forth is nuts.  PS it is also scaring the shit out of everyone.
As I see it right now you are in a knife fight to the deck to gain a position in the much vaunted 4 Quartile of Presidents of the United States.  This pantheon of politicians include William Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant, Benjamin Harrison, Warren Harding, The every popular George W (Shrub) Bush. Every single one of which a mother would be proud and honored to name her first born failure after. 
The only question at this time is will you finish lower than the Shrub?  Out of the Jaws of victory defeat is snatched.

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