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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

990,000,000 Shares on the wall

$1,400,000,000? What IBM has not spent on their current share buy back program.

$5,000,000,000? What IBM just announced that they are adding to their share buy back program.

$6,400,000,000? Grand Total to date. The numbers are so round they just fall off your tongue.

And just when you thought that it could not get any better they announced, that they (management) are going to ask the board for approval for additional share buy back authorization in April 2015 (The Hits just Keep Coming).

How much? The shills/marks on the street have not a clue. (I suspect neither does the board.) (The question is who's brother in law works for Goldman Sachs?)

Definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result from the one you are getting. Come to think of it, it might also be the definition of an optimist.

$163.60 yesterday closing price.

52 Week range as reported on Yahoo Finance $161.10-$199.21

So far an investment that is down 17.21% from its 52 week high, and I suspect will continue to still look for a bottom in the coming weeks and months.

With Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy) at a fantastically mind numbing value of -5.60%.

With Quarterly Earning Growth (yoy) at a spectacular impressive value of -99.60%.

What is not to like about this company? Wait I know a Debt to Equity Ratio greater than 300. (Value Investing? not even close)

Do not believe me go look for your self, I could make this up, but the truth is far more frightening.

At this rate it will only take a few years to evaporate this company.

Yes, under the control of the current management team disable, destroy, and disembowel, everything is coming together for this party of pain.

At the current stock price the company will be able to reduce the number of outstanding share by almost 4 percent, I suspect that they will be able to surpass this estimate, the benefit of a falling stock price, is you get to buy more share per dollar spent, it is a feature of dollar cost averaging.

Possibly a 3 to 4 percent bump in share prices, but wait given management pitiful performance to date, not likely, so maybe they end up just keep the price at this level, not likely given their performance over the last 52 weeks. Is the mirror getting heavy?

Could this be a fool looking for a greater fool?

I did not hear a harrumph from that man.

Three years is long enough to demonstrate your skill, knowledge, and technical prowess in managing a company. So 57 is a good age to retire, still in good health, the ability to travel, and with the retirement package and perks all in all an exceptional deal, better than the one you have given to your employees, but I digress.

No it not because you are woman, the spreadsheet does not know your sex and for that matter does not care, it is just a world of cold cruel hard numbers nothing more and nothing less.

For those who might want to know I have no direct positions/holdings in IBM, but I unfortunately do have indirect position/holdings via my broad based indexed holdings, but the good news is that luckily IBM is just only one stock of a vast herd of stocks held in these indexed funds.

So be safe my fellow Amigo's, TTFN

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