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Friday, April 11, 2014

Does anyone find it curious that the NSA has been quiet on the OpenSSL Bug?

As the title suggest does anyone find it curious or at the very least unusual that the NSA has been silent on the OpenSSl exploit that has given us Heartbleed. Or were they just the recipients' of this gift from the Lords of Close Coding. Other than a few token rather vague press releases the folks at Fort Meade have been very very silent.
How long did they know that this exploit existed? Who did they notify that that it existed? When did they notify them? Why did they just notify those individuals who they notified.
Mr. Snowden so far has been silent on the subject. Could that mean that at the very least this exploit was not documented in any of the files that he collected? Or possibly worse even the NSA did not know about the exploit, and are themselves just catching up (Unlikely).
Some of us just wonder?

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