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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why do some of the Republican whiners remind me of Vizzini

With the passing of the election and the wishes of the people now known, we are no longer subject to endless speculation by the various experts/pundits/party hacks.
Why do some of the republican whiners, and you know who you are sound like the character Vizzini (the Sicilian) from the Princess Bride.  You remember the guy who was always saying “INCONCEIVABLE” to almost everything that in the end would prove to be true.
Well as inconceivable as the results appear, the results are nonetheless true.
The question for the Republican Party is what if anything did you any of you learn from the results of this last election?
Here is a list of items I feel you did not learn.
The majority of the United States population is women.
The population of the United States is diverse, and that it is becoming more diverse.
That at the end of the day no matter how much money an individual has he or she only gets one vote.
That for every one who is in the 1 percent group, there are 99 who are not in that group.
It only takes one of 99 to vote for the other candidate to return the election to the zero point. That still leaves the other 98 individual to vote for whom they want.
Most people do not like it when someone attempts to buy an election.
Most people like to know who is paying the bill for that political ad, especially if it is an “issue” message.
That in trying to make it harder for individual to vote only makes them want to vote that much more, because you are trying to take something away.  You would be far better off in promoting apathy, you know you can vote, in fact we have made it easier to vote, but why would you want to bother, it is just a fools errand.
Control your fringe groups if you cannot control them, then actively repudiate, renounce, disown and marginalize them.  They are not helping, the votes required to win the election are in the middle, not in the fringe.

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