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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can Mitt Think on his feet?

Several notable members of the press have proposed a theory that Mitt Romney is “rhetorically at his weakest when forced to improvise or handle unexpected questions or situations.” James Fallows national correspondent for the Atlantic being just one of the press/media cohorts make this claim.
I have been on this earth for some 60 years and to date from my limited, and yes poorly sampled study of one, it appears that most of my life I have been expected, required, and forced to improvise or handle unexpected questions or situations.
Is not the ability to improvise or handle unexpected questions or situations that is at the heart of what the POTUS is expected to do?  I do not know about you the reader, but for me this is the most salient issue that I use to determine who I want to vote for in this office or for that matter any other office.
Do “We the People” of the United States of America not expect and not require that the individual who we elect to be POTUS have the ability to handle unexpected questions or situations?  Again, I do not know about you the reader, but for me I do vote for the individual who I expect and require to handle these questions and situations.
Do we also not expect and require that these events be handle in a controlled, confident, and effective manner?  The short answer is YES.
Are not these tasks the 3 o’clock in the morning situations?  Again the short answer is YES.
Can one spreadsheet your way out of these situations?  Not to my limited knowledge.
Can one find the answer/solutions to these situations in books of case law review and/or cited precedent?  Again to my limited knowledge I believe the answer to be NO.
Under laying this situation is the fact that he or she has volunteered to run for the elected office in order to be allowed to perform these tasks with our blessing, acquiescence and or approval, provide they have duly won the election.  This is an important office and “We the People” require an individual who has the where with all (intelligence, composure, instinct, experience, and humanity) to handle the pressure and hazards of the office, to effectively represent us not just in good times but especially to effectively represent us in the perilous times.
Does it appear that Mitt has what it takes to be a corporate officer?  YES, a corporate officers scope and area of concern are by design rather limited, to what is good for the corporation, its management, and its shareholders.  On the surface Mitt appears to be spot on for this job.
Does it appear that Mitt has what it takes to be POTUS?  From my vantage point the answer is a resounding NO.  The scope and area of concern for this office appear to be too broad and too different from his past experience and skill set in business.
To answer the question first offered in the title of the little essay, “Can Mitt think on his feet?”  I would say that he like all individuals he has some abilities in the area, but if his and/or my life really depended on his ability think on is feet, I am not sure that we would survive.
Along the same line of thought, I am not sure that Mitt really understands the term “We the People”, to date most of his actions would indicate that he does not, he can talk a good game, but it appears that he has no muscle memory, which would imply that he has never practice it.  I feel that Mitt understands the term “We, some of the People”, and it would appear that he has a great deal of muscle memory, which would imply that he has practice this exercise a great deal.  Which might just be the reason that it appears that he cannot think on his feet.

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