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Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Shot to Groin

So how hard would it have been to have a real program to provide a real Hepatitis B vaccination project in Pakistan instead of a fake one?  I am sure that it was more a question of cost rather than intent.
And we wonder why the people of the world, especially in the middle and near east do not like us or trust us.  It is crap like this that will cause our downfall.  It is behavior like this that will push more individual into the fight against us.  It is another sign that our opponents can point to as a reaffirmation of our behavior and intent towards them.  The best part for them is that they did not have to invent it we did it for them.  It is not a story cobbled together from a bunch of half-truths and innuendo, it is the real deal, and we cannot deny it.
But we got our man, but at what cost?  It appears that little if any thought was given about our future relationship with these people and their government. It should not be totally unexpected that the government of any of these countries where United States sponsored medical program are operating to questions these programs, with particular emphasis on the programs organization, operations, and oversight.
We should be ashamed of our selves, but from what I can read we have not shown any remorse, or outrage.  Do not get me wrong, Osama Bin Laden was a criminal, and needed to be dealt with for his crimes.  But the program to provide vaccinations could have with a little more effort have been the real deal, and that is were the story would have ended.

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